Ceramic bathroom accessory set, pottery soap pump dispenser toothbrush holder lidded storage jar


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This bathroom accessory set soap dispenser and toothbrush holder is wheel thrown white stoneware clay. I threw all the pieces on my potter's wheel. After the toothbrush holder was stiff I drilled 5 holes in the bottom to let that "yucky" stuff drain out. Glazed in a turquoise jade color in random splashes that left unglazed areas of clay showing. Fully glazed on the inside. The soap dispenser has a glued on stainless pump that unscrews for easy filling. About 7" tall with the pump and 3" wide. It will hold about 10 oz. The toothbrush holder is 4" tall and 3" wide and sits on a 4.5" saucer.

The ceramic storage jar is also wheel thrown white stoneware clay. Thrown with straight sides to a flared rim a well defined foot ring completes the bottom. The lid was thrown flat and sits down inside the rim. A tumbled stone picked up on our property serves a unique knob.About 5" tall with the knob and 5" wide from edge to edge. It will hold about 2 cups dry measure. 

This is a pretty set for any bathroom but would look great in a beach house.  The toothbrush holder is so much nicer than that old glass you're using.  The storage jar is perfect for cotton balls or swabs.