Ceramic kitchen canister jar set of 2, pottery canisters storage jars with lid


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Pottery canister storage jar set with lids.  Wheel thrown stoneware clay thrown with curved sides to a wide flared rim.  The lids were thrown at the same time and have double looped handles that were added while they were still soft.  The lids fit down inside the rim.  A well defined foot ring completes the bottom.  Glazed in a shiny emerald green over blue gray.  I used a resist technique of hot glue squeezed onto the outside before dipping into the glazes.  This left a swirly ribbon pattern of unglazed clay and a rainbow effect resulted where the 2 glazes mixed.  Fully glazed on the inside except where the lid sits.  6-6.25" tall with the lids, 4.5-5" wide.  2 and 3 cups dry measure.

Non toxic glaze is dishwasher safe.  Use these jars in the kitchen for sugar, coffee, tea, creamer.  Or anywhere you want a pretty jar for storage.  I love making jars and always find uses for them!