Ceramic soap dispenser, pottery lotion liquid soap pump


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This ceramic soap pump is wheel thrown stoneware clay. I threw it with straight sides to a narrow neck and straight rim. A little jug handle was added after it was stiff. Glazed in a glossy, sage green and matte brown with cream accents dipped at an angle. There is a shiny band where the 2 glazed crossed. The clay has a brown speckle that speaks through the glaze. The beige pump is glued on and unscrews for easy filling. About 6.5" tall with the pump and 3.25" wide. Holds about 8 oz.

Non toxic glaze is dishwasher safe. For use as a soap dispenser I recommend clear liquid soap. Also suitable for lotion, detergent or hand sanitizer. I use these pumps by all the sinks in the house. Remember to recycle those plastic bottles!