Ceramic sugar bowl salt cellar with cork lid and rock knob set of 2


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These ceramic lidded jars are wheel thrown stoneware clay. I threw the jars with a flared rim and a cork serves as the lid. Each lid has a tumbled rock picked up on my property glued on as a knob. Glazed in a shiny dark brown with cream accents. A resist technique of hot glue squeezed onto the outside before dipping into the glaze resulted in the swirly pattern of unglazed clay and allowed the glaze to pool and run. Fulled glazed on the inside. The jars are 5-5.5" tall and 4.5" wide at the widest point. They will hold 12 oz. and 16 oz.

Food safe and dishwasher/microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended for the lids. Use these jars for kosher salt and cracked black pepper by the stove, sugar and creamer or lo-cal sweetener by the coffee pot, ground coffee or tea bags or anywhere you need a little storage. Store things like cotton balls or swabs in the bathroom. I use jars all over the house in the kitchen or bathroom.