Pottery salt cellar, ceramic salt jar with lid, fleur de sil holder


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This ceramic salt cellar jar is wheel thrown stoneware clay.  Thrown with outward sloping sides with a flared rim.  The lid was thrown flat and fits down inside the rim.  A tumbled stone picked up on our property glued on after glazing serves as a unique knob.  Glazed in a dark turquoise jade in random splashes around the outside and on the lid.  The speckled tan clay has a slightly rough texture.  Fully glazed on the inside except where the lid fits. About 3" tall with the lid and 4" wide at the top.  Holds 4 oz.  

Non toxic glaze is dishwasher safe.  Hand washing is recommended for the lid if necessary.  This is a great little jar for your specialty salts such as Fleur de Sil, or Hawaiian pink salt.  The rock knob makes this a one of a kind piece.