I love to play in the clay. I've been playing in the clay for over 20 years and never get tired of it. From the very first time I touched clay, it felt like something I was meant to do.

I began throwing as a form a physical and emotional therapy recovering from a near fatal car accident.  Exercises helped heal my body and clay helped heal my soul.  I mark all my creations with a willow tree as a memorial to the unborn son I lost in the same car accident.

I started out giving and selling pieces to friends and family, ventured into the craft show world, opened my own gallery and studio and ultimately started on line sales.  I love to garden, cook, paint, decorate my house and these things inspire much of my work. I take inspiration from nature as well and the results are what you see in my shop.  Wheel thrown and hand built stoneware pottery for the home and garden. 

When you visit my shop I hope it feels like you are coming to my gallery.  I greet each customer and tell them about my work.  I'll tell you how each piece was made and what it can be used for.

I love each piece.  My pots and all my work are like my children.  I love them and am very happy to see them find their place in the world.  Selling on line has been exciting for me knowing that people across the country have my work in their homes!