Ceramic bathroom accessory set soap dispenser toothbrush holder cork lidded jar


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Ceramic bathroom accessory set soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and cork lidded jar.  Wheel thrown stoneware clay soap dispenser thrown with curved sides to a straight rim and a well defined foot ring completes the bottom. The toothbrush holder has straight sides to a flared rim and 4 holes drilled in the bottom to let that "yucky" stuff drain out. A saucer was thrown at the same time. The cork lidded jar has a tumbled stone glued on for a unique knob. Glazed in a dark turquoise jade color in random splashes that left unglazed areas of speckled tan clay showing. The unglazed areas have a slightly rough texture. Fully glazed on the inside. 

The soap dispenser has a glued on black pump that unscrews for easy filling. About 6.5" tall with the pump and 3" wide. It will hold about 8 oz. The toothbrush holder is 3.5" tall and 3" wide and sits on a 4" saucer. The jar is 5" tall with the lid and 4.5" wide and holds about 1.5 cups dry measure.