Ceramic soap pump dispenser and toothbrush holder bathroom accessory set


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Ceramic bathroom accessory set soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.  Wheel thrown stoneware clay with a shell detail added. I pressed clay into a mold I made of a shell picked up at the beach and attached to each piece.  A piece of coral was used to press around the bottom for added detail.  4 holes were drilled in the bottom of the toothbrush holder after it was stiff.  Glazed in a medium blue  over milky, pale green and accenting the shell. The brown speckles of the clay speak through the glaze.  The black pump is glued on and unscrews for easy filling.  Holds about 8 oz.  

Soap pump: 7" tall with the pump and 3" wide

Toothbrush holder: 4" tall and 3.75" wide on a 4" saucer 

For use as a soap dispenser I recommend clear liquid soap.  Also suitable for lotion or hand sanitizer.  The toothbrush holder will accommodate a tube of toothpaste and brushes.  Pretty set for a beach house or if you just want a reminder of the beach.