Handmade ceramic pottery flower pot planter garden art


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Handmade ceramic flower pot planter with saucer.  Hand built stoneware pottery clay rolled out with a rolling pin and draped over an old flower pot.  The slabs were pressed with a floral stamp and the edges allowed to fold and drape naturally.  The edges were pulled for an irregular rim.  A hole was punched into the bottom and a saucer was molded over an old glass dish.  Glazed in a milky pale green with the brown speckles of the clay speaking through.  The clay is a combination of tans and browns and had organic matter that burned out in the firing.  This left natural pits and textures in the clay.  5.5" tall and 9.5" diam.  The base is 4" and the pot sits on a 6" saucer.

Non toxic glaze is dishwasher safe.  Pot up something pretty in this pot.  This is high fired so can be used outside.  However, care should be taken in extreme freezing temps and should be brought indoors