Turned wood black walnut vase, wood turning home decor pot


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Wood turned vase by David.  Black walnut turned vase 5.25" tall and 4.5" diam.  My husband works in the studio on his lathe turning beautiful wood pieces.  Starting with a large chunk of wood that has seasoned sometimes several years before it is suitable to turn, he centers the piece on the electric lathe. Using a series of gouges and scrapers, the shape is defined, detailed and sanded.  Even the bottom has interesting detail.  Sealed with laquer to bring out the grain and then signed on the bottom with the wood type and where it came from.

This piece of Black Walnut wood was from a neighbor, Mr. Weaver, so we call this a Weaver Walnut vase.  It has lovely natural knots and crevasses, called "figure" in the wood. The dark heart wood is surrounded by the lighter outer sap wood. This is a beautiful wood turned vase suitable for any decor.